Mrs Oklahoma International 2020 – Ashleigh Gibson

Ashleigh currently lives in Edmond with her husband, Jeff, and 2 daughters, Scotland and Scarlett.

She attended Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma, eventually graduating with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Executive Director of The Metro Tech Foundation, a nonprofit that serves CareerTech students in Oklahoma City. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of relationships and human behavior through speaking to juvenile offender programs and providing team-building workshops to other organizations working in the social services field.

While she was born and raised on the East Coast, Ashleigh moved to Oklahoma a little over 20 years ago and calls Oklahoma her “home state”.

5 years ago, Ashleigh’s life drastically changed after a severe case of C. Diff and a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Since then, her 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and she has become a steadfast advocate for chronic illness awareness as well as Step Therapy reform. She organized the Get Gutsy campaign and helped reform Step Therapy in 2019 for Oklahoma. Ashleigh also serves as an ambassador for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation and The Foundation for Children with Neuroimmune Disorders. In April of 2020, she will release a children’s book, Gabby Gets Gutsy, to educate children on Inflammatory Bowel Disease and living with a chronic illness.

Ashleigh is passionate about erasing the stigma that surrounds chronic illness and empowering others to overcome adversity in their lives through speaking about her journey of having an autoimmune disorder and serving as the caretaker of a child with a chronic illness. She has made it her mission to change how the world sees Chronic Illness Warriors by challenging people to Get Gutsy and speak up about chronic illness.