We here at the Mrs Oklahoma International Pageant believe in the importance of a healthy body and mind. An organization who embodies this is Go Red for Women, a national movement created by the American Heart Association that focuses on educating women about the causes and warning signs of heart disease.  As the #1 leading cause of death in females of all ages, heart disease is a condition that continues to go undetected. Like any great movement, it can only continue to flourish if more people get involved! Here are some reasons we believe you should take the steps to join. 3 Reasons to Get Involved With Go Red for Women
  1. It Empowers Women
Being healthy and loving your body regardless of shape or size is a narrative we here at the Mrs International Pageant can get behind! Go Red for Women not only focuses on body positivity, it also raises awareness on different ways to make healthy eating choices. By becoming involved in Go Red for Women, you can help give women of all ages and backgrounds the chance to learn different eating and exercise regimens that could further prevent heart disease.
  1. It Helps Erase a Stigma
When talking about heart disease, It’s a common misconception that it is a condition that only effects men. For this reason, a lot of women are unaware of the warning signs. Because the ways of detecting this cardiovascular disease is drastically different from men, Go Red for Women’s main goal is to work to educate women about their risk factors.
  1. It can save a life
Heart disease and strokes cause 1 in 3 deaths among women across the country each year. This is an extremely scary statistic, but what is even more scary is the fact that many women do not know that they are at risk. By becoming involved in Go Red For Women, you can help educate women on the warning signs as well as raise money to fund research for heart disease. Now that you know 3  reasons to get involved in Go Red For Women, are you ready to jump in? For further info visit GoRedForWomen.org or check out the organization on Twitter @GoRedForWomen! Keep Calm and Go Red